Purebred Maine Coon Cats

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We are Kevin and Angel Garner and we are so glad that you found us and our beautiful cats.  We are Maine Coon lovers and take great pride
and care in the breeding of these magnificent animals.
Our home based hobby cattery is located in the foothills
of the Sauratown Mountains in North Carolina near Hanging Rock State Park.   All of our cats live with us in our home as a part of our family.  
We have carefully selected each of our breeding cats from healthy lines
that have been DNA tested and blend American
and European lines in order to help ensure a healthy gene pool.
Maine Coons come in a varying range of sizes
with males generally being much larger than females.
They are often referred to as "gentle giants of the cat world"
as well as "the cat for dog lovers".
Personally, we have never known a cat like a Maine Coon!
They are great with children, love other animals, have high intelligence and
an intuitive nature that truly sets them apart from other breeds.
These gorgeous cats come in just about every color
imaginable and each is as stunning as the next.
Thanks for taking the time to check out our Maine Coon Family
 We hope you love them as much as we do. 


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